Dear Reader

Dear Reader,


I didn't know I had such a passion for writing until a couple of years back and I'm so glad I do.


Some express their feelings through art, others through singing. Me? I express my emotions through writing. I feel as though every word has to be perfected. I find it so intriguing that words can have such an effect on people. They can make you laugh, cry, feel anger, joy, even love. I want to make you feel like that through my stories. I hope to have an effect on people and one day see my book on the shelves of WH Smith or maybe even Waterstones! I hope to become an author. I don't mind if people don't want to read my books, it doesn't stop me from writing. I hope to follow in the footsteps of JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Rachel Caine, even Stephenie Meyer. I hope that one say you'll see my books and buy them. I hope you remember this website. The teenager who just wanted to follow her dreams. I don't write for money like some, no, I write because after a long day, my hands itch to. I write because I get that burning feeling of passion, I write when I'm inspired by something or when I see my characters in my head very real. I write because it makes me content with myself, with others, with the world, even.


So, dear reader, I beg you take a minute and think about how you express your feelings. I ask for you to think about your dreams and to reach. Reach more than you have ever reached before. I hope you're one step closer to your dream. I hope that you can achieve it. In fact, I'm sure you can. Because, dear reader, anyone can reach their dreams if they try hard enough. I hope not to sound like a cheesy lecturer but as a friend, a companion, even an advisor. I hope that I've made you feel something today. I hope that I have made you think about your life ahead of you.


As you have probably noticed, I have many hopes. Many include you, dear reader. I hope that you can help me fulfil my dreams by telling people of me. By sharing this website and my stories.


I thank you, dear reader, for taking the time to read my stories. You have been most helpful in my journey to become an author. I hope you can live a full life and reach your dreams and I hope that I have helped. I hope that many years from now, you will remember that little burst inspiration you got from the teenage girl who wished to inspire through her words.

Goodbye, dear reader, I hope to you again soon.


Fariha xx