My Own Stories

I hate to say it it but I only have one, completed chapter story. It is still a first, rough draft. It is riddled with mistakes. I'm very sorry but I haven't gotten around to editing it. Being a student, I'm trying to juggle my school life along with my ambition to become a best-selling author (even if it is only for a while).



Is It Really Wrong?

Last year Lily was the nerd that no-one used to talk to but now she's back looking better than she ever has before. Her strong mindedness tragic background has made her share a link with her new, young English teacher, Mr Leo Hudson. The pair go through a series of dilemas but find love somewhere along the way.


Is It Really Wrong.odt (134,9 kB)


I do, however have three completed short stories. All of these were written for English projects at school. Nonetheless, I worked incredibly hard for these and I am quite fond of them. They're quite dear to me because before these, I had never finished a peice of writing before. These were hand written and then typed up and that took forever but I enjoyed doing it and I hope you enjoy reading them.




Healious and the Power of the Olympians

After much pleading from the other Gods and Godesses, Healious has decided that she must be the one to decide the powers for the Olympians. She finds a way for the Olympians to know which